Monday, August 30, 2010

The Beginning

This blog is an experiment to test and reveal the intricacies of why (American) consumers do the things we do. Students of Consumer Behavior will blog about real life situations wherein they reflect upon common consumption patterns and phenomena. Students will explore questions such as:
  • What products can I just not stop buying? Why?
  • What items could I just not live without? Are there any?
  • What possessions would I never sell - at any price?
  • What's the last thing I bought that I truly regret? Why did I do it? Will I do it again?
  • What did that gift I bought or received really say about me?
Consumers are motivated in different ways make decisions every day - to buy or not to buy. This process involves gathering information for ourselves and from others that we believe will help us solve some identified problem that leads us to making a purchase decision. And when we do buy, there are other things to consider. How much do we buy? How much are we willing to pay? How often will we repeat the purchase? When? Where? Why? Once we acquire our products and services (including ideas and activities), we make decisions about how we will use them and, eventually, how we will dispose of them.

Consumer behavior is a dynamic, never-ending process. Welcome to the fascinating psycyhology of marketing...