Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Moss Effect

I was born in the great state of Texas. I have been a Texas longhorn fan since birth, but unlike every other Texan kid I rooted for the Houston Oilers instead of the Dallas Cowboys. Now every football fan knows that the Oilers later moved to Nashville and became the Tennessee Titans, and my fan hood moved with them. The NFL is a worldwide business boasting the greatest entertainment event every year in the super bowl. Being a huge Titans fan, i look to the new addition of Randy Moss to our receiving core as a huge addition to the team. Randy is a pro bowl wide receiver and will bring revenue in the form of jersey sales and getting people to the games. For a team that hasn’t been to the super bowl since 1999, something new was definitely needed.

The team is already starting to make commercials showing the new star receiver in his jersey and catching slants over the middle. In his first start this Sunday, he had one catch for twenty four yards but also drew a penalty on defensive pass interference for another thirty yard gain. Two of the biggest reasons Moss was brought in was to open up running lanes for Chris Johnson so defenses can’t stack the box against him, and to allow slot receivers and tight ends to get open while the corners and safeties are dealing with Moss. Granted, Moss only had one catch in the game and his age might be catching up with him, but there is no doubt that having him for the rest of the season will be a great investment bringing in revenue for the front office and catching touchdown passes on the field.