Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Laces..Fo cleats??

The other day during rugby practice, my left cleat's shoe laces were torn completely off. Looking back on the practice..i still have no idea how it even happened but i told myself come saturday morning i was going to fix this little problem. Saturday morning (aka 12 t0 1) comes and i head to MC sports wanting to make this quick and easy. I walk into the store, continue to the back where the shoes are, and see an entire wall of shoe laces. Not a wall of shoes....just laces. I quickly narrowed my search to ones that were missing flowers and rainbow kisses on them as id like to keep my pride on the field. My cleats are red and black so i continued to narrow the laces by color as well, narrowing to three types of laces: flat black laces, red oval laces, and black round laces. The oval was a little bright for my liking and the flat ones i knew would tear easily when making cuts and in rucks. I recognized the black round laces as something similar to what i already had and tested the strength by pulling them hard. I found a pair of similar shoes on the shelf and put the laces up to see if they would fit and what they looked like. I eventually ended up picking the black round laces and they look studly if i do say so myself. I also bought orange and black athletic tap and pre-wrap...whos ready for some rugby?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Need a Coat for the Winter!

The start of each academic calendar year brings with it new International Students to the AU campus. One of the things that is identified is that not all International Students have experienced extremely cold winters with minus degree weather or even seen snow before. The International Student Association therefore, schedules a trip each year to take the new students shopping for new coats. As always, there is a wide range of suggestions of places to go to shop. The criteria for selecting a location include: availability of a wide range of clothing (coats), cheap prices, distance from campus, among others. Location plays a huge role as it entails whether or not the store is in a mall or not, if there are any places to eat other than the food court, and the general safety of the area. One of the names of places to go that usually comes up is Burlington Coat Factory. Earlier this fall, I saw an advertisement on T.V about Burlington Coat Factory highlighting the wide variety of clothing articles as well as its massive price discounts. The ad used both visual (showing the clothing articles and the discounts) as well as verbal (announcer relaying the information) to appeal to consumers. Burlington Coat Factory, particularly the one located at Lafayette Square Mall in Indianapolis has several aspects that make it appealing when deciding where to shop. It is conveniently located near the heart of Indianapolis, with a wide variety of fast food as well ethnic and fine cuisine restaurants. It has a wide range of clothing that includes mens and women's, as well as as baby clothing items and very affordable and competitive prices. The store is adequately decorated and lit, adding to the visual appeal, and there is soft music playing in the overheard speakers, enhancing the general mood and atmosphere of the store.