Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where Should I Eat Tonight?

When trying to decide where to eat dinner in Anderson, Indiana, there are an abundance of choices nearby. Scatterfield Road is littered with restaurants. It offers your typical fast food joints, buffets, sub shops, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, American, and everything else in between. How in the world is one supposed to decide where to eat?
Luckily, right before I went out to dinner with my girlfriend, I was watching t.v. and a commercial came on advertising Applebee's new deal called the "2 for $20". This meal includes one appetizer and two entrees for only $20. This deal's target market is geared directly at couples or those going out on a dinner date to Applebee's. It attempts to save the man some money by keeping the meal for two from going over $20. Also, many men can count on their woman not eating much or any of the appetizer, thus giving him more food for his money.
The foods they advertised in the commercial appeared to be very delicious. They showed a wide range of foods such as grilled chicken marinated in some special spices, a juicy steak, a loaded bacon cheeseburger, and a huge bowl of chicken pasta. The voice of the commercial added a smooth touch, giving the commercial both visual and verbal appeal. The ad left my mouth salivating and my taste buds tingling. I noticed that the commercial was also positioned at a time in the evening right before most families eat dinner, 5:20 p.m.
I immediately recommended Applebee's to my date, and she accepted my offer. We didn't end up choosing the "2 for $20" deal on the menu, but Applebee's successfully reeled in their target market by bringing us into their restaurant. The food was just as scrumptious as the commercial had portrayed, and we left satisfied customers.