Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wedding Dress

This summer I got engaged and set a wedding date for the following fall, which meant I was going to have to be doing a lot of planning.  The first problem I recognized was I did not have a wedding dress.  I began to search for information online of places to buy and certain dress designers and styles.  I began a light search of styles I might be interested in.  I was exposed to a dress that fit a lot of requirements I was looking for and created a cut-off level of requirements.  When I was able to actually go to the store to try on dresses, the dress I initially picked out was the first one I tried because I liked the certain attributes it had that appealed to me.  Coming into the store I had already built up a felt involvement towards this dress and was excited to try it on.  When I did, there were features on the dress that was unnoticed online that negatively affected my judgment.  I tried on a few more dresses that had different features but felt this was a very high involvement purchase and did not want to make a satisficing decision.  Since I had built up such an endowment effect towards the first dress, I found myself continuing to consider it.  I discussed with a seamstress a way to alter the dress so I would feel more confident about my decision purchasing it.  So I bought the dress I had picked out initially online.  When I reflect on my decision, I seldom make regrets because I considered all my options and felt completely comfortable with my decision.