Friday, October 1, 2010

As i sit at Texas Roadhouse

As I sit at Texas Roadhouse looking around at all the signs and suggested menu and drink items it occurs tome that I am actively participating in consumer behavior skills everyday at work! Suggestive selling and trying to read the customer and persuade them to buy certain (usually more expensive) items is what I seem to understand as a very subtle consumer behavior process. How, you ask? By suggesting specific items such as an appitzer or a larger steak we are helping the customer fulfill a need or want. The customer knows the are hungry, but what and how much are they hungry for. They may need a steak or some chicken and I'm here to provide those very things! After awhile one can assess more accurately when to push harder to sell something and when to just let it go, because the customer really already knows what they need or want. I can now have a better attitude about going to work, because I truly am applying what I learn into my daily life!

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