Friday, December 2, 2011

Beerless superbowl

Today in class we discussed the "dark side" of consumer behavior. a point was brought up regarding beer and alcohol commercials being aired during the super-bowl where younger kids are exposed to such commercials. We watched one organizations attempt at lobbying for banning these commercials to be aired during the super-bowl due to the fear of younger generations being witness to such adult content. I found the groups attempt very pathetic and poorly done, it made the group look foolish in fact. I actually find the whole attempt to ban these commercials from the super-bowl a very ignorant move. Everybody knows that the super-bowl is the absolute biggest day of the year for television ads and companies not only pay millions for the commercial spots but also reap the benefits of such exposure. To take out beer or alcohol commercials from the super-bowl is an absurd thought and a move that will most assuredly take place. I understand not wanting to expose younger kids to alcohol at an early age. However, there is just too much revenue at stake for that idea to every take shape and actually be passed by television networks or the NFL.


  1. I completely agree with this. I'm not for underage drinking but at the same time it doesn't matter what commercial plays where or when. Most likely kids will see it. Kids interpret commercials differently than adults. For example when I was little I saw a Coors Light commercial where people were playing frisbee on a mountain with snow on it in just shorts and t-shirts. The only thing I took away from that was that it was fun to play frisbee in the snow with just shorts and a t-shirt. I quickly found out that playing outside in the snow without the proper attire on really only leads to cold and pain.

  2. I also agree with you on this Dan. You cannot take these ads and commercials away from the superbowl. If you did watching the game might not be as entertaining to some people. I know alot of people who just watch the game because of the commercials. Now I am not for underage consumption either but im not an idiot it happens everywhere. However whats the difference from a kid sitting in front of the tv and watching beer commercials, compared to sitting in your living room with your parents and their friends and watching the role models in your life consuming adult beverages?