Friday, December 2, 2011

Black Friday Phone Call

On Black Friday this year, I refused to take part in the madness. My pregnant best friend, however, decided to venture out. She called me while she was freezing in the Kohl's parking lot. I have never been Black Friday shopping ever and was amazed to hear the reactions of people over the phone when they were finally let in. It is surprising that materialism literally takes over on Black Friday. To some people the deals seem more important than the people around them! My friend had to fight for a cart! It is amazing that people would make a pregnant girl try to carry heavy items around the store. People seem to let their values fly right out the window on Black Friday and it is truly shocking. Everyone seems to take on agentic traits. They become more aggressive and have no emotion; they just want the products they came for. Gender does not even seem to matter as we saw in the video when people were trampling over women. It is just common courtesy to help people up when they fall down, or to let a pregnant woman have a cart. Black Friday makes people crazy. Although there were not any incidents in Anderson that I know of, it was obvious by the way my friend was treated that there is a lack of respect for others on Black Friday.

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  1. I sometimes wonder what has caused our society to become so materialistic. The norm is now to get what you want when you want it regardless of who is in the way or what effect you may have on a person around you. Especially during the Christmas season we see the worst in people. The more people, the less patient we are and the more we become worried about ourselves. Common courtesy takes a backseat during Christmas season, which is the time of year in which we should be more aware of those around us than we are the rest of the year. Black Friday and consumerism are skewing the meaning of Christmas.