Friday, December 2, 2011

Titanium Necklaces

In today’s baseball culture, players have begun to wear what is called titanium necklaces. Now although necklaces have been worn by both athletes and non athletes, these titanium necklaces are suppose to be “healthy and good for the body.” These necklaces are said to “Promote health and fitness, help with anxiety and anger, increase flexibility, ease discomfort, and reduce fatigue.” There is website after website that states these facts. In face though I believe that these things are not caused by the necklace and that instead it is becoming big among the baseball culture because of the normative influence of conformity and partial brand-choice congruence.

These titanium necklaces were first marketed as being helpful for athletics from all of the side benefits it causes as I stated before, but if people are catching on and waking up to the fact that they are not “magical” necklaces but instead what is becoming the popular and the norm for the culture of baseball. Players have brand-choice congruence to what other players are buying (titanium necklaces). Also players have conformed to the idea of wearing the titanium necklaces not only on the field but as part of their outfits off the field throughout their daily lives.


  1. I have heard about these necklaces before, however I never knew about the "health" benefits. This reminded me of a coworker that my Dad once had. He purchased a type of bracelet that was to improve your overall health. He claimed that once he wore it, he had never felt better.
    Personally I find these claims a little hard to believe. I often wonder if people are just getting a false sense of security just because someone told them they would feel better. These health devices work similar to a placebo in terms of improving health.
    I believe that since we live in a materialistic world, these types of devices can become even more powerful. If a young kid sees their favorite baseball player wearing one of these special necklaces, then they too must have it. Not only because they will be dressed like their hero, but because of that one special item, they believe that they can play like them as well.

  2. These things get promoted all of the mall, sports stores, and the internet. They always claim to be something that will change your life. Claims say they make you healthier, but all the while they are nothing but cheap metal hung around someone's neck. They continue to decorate athletes and celebrities with this junk and make kids and anyone who looks up these people believe that it has helped them too. By feeding into the psychological need of these people to be just like their idols, they are able to continue their hoaxes of selling these pointless pieces of jewelry for outrageous prices. Its sickening, but its the truth.

  3. A few guys on our team like to wear these necklaces on and off the field. I feel like it is more for the fashion and to look more like a ball player than actually for the so called health benefits. I personally have never worn one but I could see why some guys do because people see the big leaguers wearing them so guys who arent in the majors think it will make them play better.

  4. Going along with what we learned in class about false claims and their illegality, I am wondering how these necklace companies are getting away with declaring such miracles to be obtained by wearing the necklace. I would be interested in seeing their actual research that leads to these claims. It's different than exaggerating and saying "World's best necklace," and actually giving a specific performance-related description of the necklace. I am just curious to gain insight as to why these claims are not illegal to make.