Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nike is the Prototype, for Everything

With winter just around the corner, I decided it was time to go buy a new pair of running tights. Being on a budget, I opted to go to Marshalls instead of Dick Sporting Goods, just to save some money. As soon as I get to the athletic wear section, I find a pair of black Nike running tights. Without even looking at the price tag, I instinctively grab them and continue looking through the other options. Shortly after, I realize that every other option was being compared with the Nike pants I already had in my hands.

In my mind Nike is what all other brands are compared to. I’ve never bought running tights before, but since I prefer Nike for everything else, my mind was already made up. So much so that I had forgotten why I even went to Marshalls; to save money. The point being that Nike is my prototypical brand for pretty much everything they offer. I can’t force myself to buy competing brands products even though they are often cheaper, or possibly of better quality. Nike is such a successful company because its customers, like myself, that are extremely brand loyal. And no matter the price, customers will pay the prices for their products.


  1. I am completely the same way in regards to brand loyalty to Nike. I subconsciously compare any athletic-related purchase back to a similar product by Nike or Jordan Brand.

    I purchase quite a few pairs of basketball shoes in a given year, and I've created such a bias in my mind that I won't even consider purchasing a shoe from any other brands besides Nike and Jordan, even though their prices can get into the $150-$200 range.

  2. I am the same way but with Underarmour. When going out to buy athletic clothing I always go to section of Underarmour gear to look at what they have. After that if I don't have enough money I will look at cheaper brands but compare them to the quality of the Underarmour. Since I do indeed buy brands that are cheaper if I don't have enough for the Underarmour, I can not be considered a loyal consumer to Underarmour.