Thursday, November 29, 2012

An Eastbay Purchase

A couple weeks ago I decided it was time to upgrade my wardrobe and I began cyber shopping. I began browsing many websites looking for the perfect pair of shorts to fullfill my needs when I came across a pair on Like every person does, I zoomed in on the picture to make sure I liked the colors and design. The picture showed that they were one toned (black) and I was happy with the look of the shorts. I then put them in my shopping cart, purchased them and began to wait for there arrival.

A week later my shorts had arrived and I ripped the box open like a little kid on Christmas. Once I pulled the shorts out of its packaging I was not pleased. The shorts were two toned, with black in the front and gray in the back. This caused me to have post-decision regret because I should not have made my decision online, but in the store where I could have seen them first hand. I then went back on Eastbays website and looked at the exact same shorts in different colors and they were all two toned besides the one pair I picked.

This made me very frustrated and I was not happy with what I had bought and it made me think if I need to physically hold and touch products before I buy them. This is and example of how online shopping and being in the store are completly diferent . If I would have had physically held the shorts I would have saw that they were two toned and not one toned like I wanted. Since this purchase I have not made an online puchase of clothing.


  1. Eastbay is usually very good about displaying an accurate picture of clothing and shoes on their websites. I've bought several articles of clothing from them and have never had a problem. If I did however, I would still probably be a loyal customer towards them because of the accuracy they have had for my orders in the past. As far as online shopping, it's almost impossible to know exactly how something you purchase will fit. But at the same time, It is way more convenient to purchase things at the click of a button and assume everything is as advertised.

  2. Hey Ross,

    I am sorry to hear the shorts you received were not as pictured online. If you would like us to assist you with this issue, please e-mail us at with your order information.

    EastbayRep - Ray

  3. Ross

    You know that online shopping is not for us all. But next time you probably should look at the other colors first to see what you are get your self into before buying them. I'm sure if you do not like the shorts, you can send them back or give them to me. Good luck next next time with your shopping.

    your friend Carson