Thursday, November 29, 2012

Xbox Live Family Pack

Xbox Live

Last year, I had purchased a family pack on Xbox Live with a few of college friends. This plan included four passes of a 1-year subscription of Xbox Live and it was on sale for $99. Considering our finances of being a college students, the four of us decided to split the cost of this package deal. This was a low effort decision for me to make with my friends, because I have been brand loyal to Microsoft, the brand that created Xbox, for about five years now. I would consider myself a heavy user of Xbox Live, because I not only use my Xbox 360 for gaming I also use it because of the Netflix application that is also available through Xbox Live. Things were going great until the end of the 1-year subscription was over, and we all had to gain primacy over our accounts for our on use again and that is where my attitude slightly changed. The reason for this is because when I tried to get my account back it would not allow me to do so. I called the Xbox Live support phone number and spoke on the phone with a representative about my situation and I had spoke to them about how I had used their service for a long time and this was the first major problem I had with them. Then the representative had said something that stuck out to and he had said loud and clear that they have been having on going problems with the family pack. This immediately made my mind go into buyer remorse for the purchase I had made. He continued to tell me that I would have to go back into my account get all of my information and then he could remove me off of the family plan, but he had told me there would be no guarantees that this process would work because of recent update to the system. So I proceeded to tell him my information, but it was no use and in order for me to continue to use my account I had to have my friend unlock it then I could use it and that was a process in itself. So after speaking on the phone for about twenty minutes I gave up, I decided to delete my old account with all of my friends and achievements that I had accumulated over the years and decided to start all over from scratch. I have learned my lesson when it comes to purchasing things with Xbox Live and now I will use high effort with my purchases from now on. Even though this has occurred I will still use their product, because I still have fun with it and I'm not going let an account completely diminish my use of this product.        

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