Thursday, November 29, 2012

Brand Loyalty

In writing this blog post, I decided to examine my own brand loyalty behaviors. As I examined the different brands that I associate myself strongly with, I began to detect a distinct correlation between brand loyalty and MAO. For items I purchase that require low MAO, such as groceries, I have few specific preferences. However, I found that heightened brand loyalty occurred among products related to my hobbies and interests. Several of those products are associated with high MAO, such as musical instruments.

As a music business student with a focus in the music products industry, I spend a significant amount of time researching different brands and their offerings. Over time, I have begun to develop brand loyalty in certain categories, and multibrand loyalty in others. I am an ardent supporter of Ernie Ball Music Man guitars and basses. I own several of their instruments and am proud to wear a branded t-shirt that exhibits my brand loyalty to the world. When it comes to accessories, such as strings, I consider myself multibrand loyal. I have generally been loyal to different string brands for different types of instruments, even if a brand manufactures strings for multiple types of instruments. For example, I prefer Ernie Ball strings for electric guitars, Elixir strings for acoustic guitars, and DR strings for bass guitars.

This is just one example of brand loyalty in my life. There are many other products that I would consider myself loyal to in various segments of my purchasing behavior. What are some of your preferences?

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