Friday, November 30, 2012

If the suit fits...

Coming to college means that you will experience much more than you ever have before.  Reaching out and meeting new people, living on your own, accountability, responsibility, the list goes on...  With that comes growing and if we are lucky, maturing.  Some of us meet people and form close, lasting, friendships.  Others come to college and fall in love.  This story is about two people that did just that.  This story is also about a suit, that one consumer still regrets buying.

This past summer two of my friends were set to get married.  A very in love couple and not a care in the world.  As the wedding quickly approached I found myself shorthanded when it comes to diversity of formal wear.  A few pairs of slacks, several different dress shirts, but nothing that I really considered formal enough for a wedding.  I proceeded to find the perfect suit- perfect fit, perfect style, and perfect price.  I began shopping at larger retailers with no avail.  I found excellent deals on websites that were extremely appealing but then again who wants to leave something like a suit to chance?  Nearly giving up hope, I am lead to a store suggested by my fiance's mother.  Reluctantly, I go to the store and mistakenly bringing my fiance (and two of her friends).  After searching for what seemed to be decades I believed that I had found what I was looking for... THE suit!  Offered at what seemed to be a competitive price I sprung at the opportunity.  

This store happened to also offer tailoring services for suits and other formal wear.  I began to have the suit fitted to me.  After being asked several questions about how I wanted the suit to fall, and certain aspects about fitment, I realized that I was extremely uneducated in this realm.  My reluctance stayed with me throughout the fitting process and even until the time of purchase.  In honesty, I probably wouldn't have purchased the suit had my fiance not been there pressuring me to do so.  And as the story usually goes, I bought the product that I knew I didn't need.  Trying to justify my purchase I started to craft all of the events in my head that I would wear this elegant suit to.  Those fantasies were soon dashed after my credit card ran through the machine and I felt a small amount of my financial security slip out of my hands.  

The day of the wedding I dress in my newly purchased, well tailored, suit.  Man, did I look good too.  Looking in the mirror and seeing the final product solidified it for me.  This WAS a good investment.  I get in the car and commute to the venue where the ceremony would be held.  I step out and walk inside to see many familiar faces.  Close friends attended the wedding and were seated throughout the church sanctuary where the couple was to be married.  Looking around at all of my friends I began to realize that I was more well dressed than most of them.  In face, I was even more well dressed than some of the attendants in the wedding party.  At the price that I paid, the investment that I had made nearly a week before that, in that time, seemed to be one of the worst consumer decisions that I had ever made.  A classic case of buyer's remorse...

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