Thursday, November 29, 2012

Black Friday

One of the better shopping experiences that I usually have is the one that takes place on Black Friday.  One of the main reasons is the free entertainment I get from mainly the women who rush into their stores to claim their purchases before anyone else.  Its actually turning into some sort of circus how these people act when it comes to these deals.  The way these people act are pretty ridiculous and most should be ashamed of themselves.  When it comes to most of the deals I can vouch for some of the people because the deals that they have usually only happen once a year.  I took a trip to bath and body works just to look at some of the deals they had on men fragrances.  Throughout the entire store they had good deals going on, and half the items were 50% off.  As soon as I got there, there was a long line and people were just anticipating the good deals.  As soon as they opened the door, the crowd rushed in and people started moving rapidly towards their items that they wanted.  On the side where the candles where, many people bought the candles with out even smelling them and I overheard one woman saying, "I don't even know what this smells like but I'm still getting it just because it's half off." I talked to another woman and she told me that she didn't need half of the things she bought but she still got them anyway because of the price that they were discounted too.  This showed me that sometimes consumers usually get things just because of the price being low and that they may not have a need for them now, but it will pay off later since the price would go back up to it's original after Black Friday.  I later asked the clerk about how many of the items bought on Black Friday were returned later the next day and she told me that they didn't really receive a high volume of returns.  With that I came to the conclusion that the prices can determine whether somebody purchases an item or not and it really doesn't matter if they need it or not.

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