Thursday, November 29, 2012

Never Again

Whenever I want to get a quick, nice tan, I usually go to the Total Tan on scatterfield. However, another tanning place in Anderson, Sun Tan City, occasionally has pretty decent deals that tend to draw people in, like “free tan week.” Last year during Sun Tan City’s free tan week I decided to stop favoring Total Tan and to see what they have to offer.

My first experience at Sun Tan City was positive. Considering it was free, I really did not have too much to complain about…yet. There were some main differences in comparison with Total Tan such as: the fingerprint ID to access my account, the eye protectors I had to have every time I went, and the fact that I had to give them my credit card number to open an account. I don’t know about you, but to me that seemed like a lot of hassle just to be able to tan once a week. What really started causing me to have dissatisfaction and post-decision regret was when I would forget my eye goggles. I think it is so unnecessary that if I forgot my goggles, I would have to purchase another six dollar pair just to be able to go tanning. Also, the fact that I had to give them my fingerprint every time I went just seemed pointless and similar was in the FBI.

            After a month of going to Sun Tan City, I had so much negativity bias and decided to go back to Total Tan where the service was more simplistic. I will never go back to Sun Tan City again, whether it is free tan week or what have you. Because of the companies’ pointless and annoying rules, I have so much resistance directed at Sun Tan City. I have definitely told my piers about this experience, creating very negative word of  mouth for the company.

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