Thursday, November 29, 2012

Debatable Decisions

Over the past year I’ve resorted to buying products online. This has allowed for ease and simplicity in my shopping adventures. Over this past thanksgiving break I purchased some musical equipment for my guitar. However, I feel as though I have run into a problem when purchasing off the Internet.
Going to the store to buy something has certain implications on the overall experience. Going to the store requires you to take time and physically go somewhere giving you a more thorough sense of engagement. If you’re buying something that may cost a lot of money and you’re in the store, you’re more likely than not going to talk over the merchandise of interest with a store representative. This also leads to a deeper sense of involvement in the buying process. After putting time and effort into your decision, you can walk out with instant gratification, product-in-hand.
 However, with my new musical toys, I find myself dealing with a stronger sense of dissonance in my decisions. I simply took a friends word for it, pulled the gear up online and within seconds, it was being sent to my front door. After receiving these items I find myself wondering more and more whether or not I made the right choice because of a lack of engagement on my part. 

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