Thursday, November 29, 2012


        This Black Friday I had my eye set on a pair of Beats by Dre headphones. The pair I wanted is normally $200 and that is not a price I am willing to pay when the headphones that came with my iPhone work fine. I talked to some different people and found out that they rarely go on sale. For the Black Friday occasion, at Meijer, they were going to be 10% making them $179 and then you receive a $50 coupon for store credit. Since I like to get my groceries at Meijer, I was basically getting the headphones for $129. My mom, who is a major influencer to me, convinced me that it is an amazing price for a new pair. Friday morning, I ventured out with one of my extended family members, my cousin, to the Fort Wayne Meijer. We made our way through the crowds and got to the electronics department just in time to be informed that they had already sold out of the Beats. I was pretty upset and didn't want to walk away empty handed so I bought Rihanna's new CD. I now know that this is compensatory consumption. After I took a short nap, I had to head back to campus to make it to my basketball practice. On the way back, I felt the urge to stop by the Anderson Meijer. I thought that since Anderson's townspeople are generally lower class than in Fort Wayne, there would be a chance they still had a pair left. Turns out I was right! I am now the proud owner of Beats with no post-decision regret in sight, I love them!

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