Friday, November 30, 2012

Fill it Up

I was at the local Speedway gas station today when i realized something. I realized I was figuratively able to throw forty dollars straight into my gas tank, and thought nothing of it. This seemed very strange to me that I would not feel an extraordinary amount of buyers remorse do this.  Whereas, if i would try to make a purchase like this at Walmart I would have a great amount of buyers remorse.

This cognitive dissonance, or lack there of seemed strange to me. I can only assume that the lack of buyers remorse is due to the necessity of gas to my everyday life. I believe that fact makes purchasing gas a low effort buying decision. Therefore eliminating the possibility of buyers remorse, or regret of my purchase decision. The amount of money spent by one person in a single month on gasoline for their car would register as a high effort decision in any other purchase decision.

I believe that high effort decision making about necessity's somewhat eases the presence of buyers remorse in the post decision making process of the consumer.

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