Thursday, November 29, 2012

200 dollar spending

My last shopping adventure was about a month ago. Every year for my birthday, I get about two hundred dollars to buy whatever I am wanting. So my goal for this year was to get as much as I can under the spending limits. This year I was looking to change my wardrobe just a little but still try to keep my every day look. So I found myself in new stores that would not normal shop in. My mom and me made our way Indy and began by shopping.

                One we got to the mall, I first went to the stores I know. I walked in to finish line and began my shopping venter. I got some basketball shorts and cool t-shirt that I have been looking at for a while. The next shore I went to is very popular called HnM. This shore is very different for in stile and look form where I usly shop at. I had to use attribute processing to decide what to buy. I ended spending some good money on a new sweater and pants that would go alone with it.

                By the time I got out of the HnM my two hundred dollar was almost gone. So learn that upgrading my look and style is going to take time and more money. But I was very happy with what I got. My post-decision feeling was on the positive side. With a little more money and shopping adventure ill upgrade my wardrobe to where I want to be.

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