Thursday, November 29, 2012

UN-satisfied Satisficer

     A few weeks ago a friend of mine started searching for a new t.v.. He researched every possible option while keeping 3 key attributes in mind; 42" ,cheap, and name-brand. He started out searching for name-brand models such as Samsung and LG, but quickly realized they were out of his range financially. After becoming impatient he satisficed. He found an off-brand model that was 42" at a cheap price to satisfy his obvious two most basic needs for a television. 

     He returned home and immediately set up his new television as quickly as possible. After getting everything put together, he was overcome with post-decision regret. The television was not as clear as a brand-name one would be. There was even a problem with the screen being discolored after the first touch of the "on" button. 

     He immediately realized that the brand name option would have been a better choice. The extra money paid to get a high quality television would have been worth it. The picture would have been better and the television itself would most likely have not been broken before taken out of the box. 

     Later on that week he had complained to the manufacturer via email and hasn't heard from them since. He did however get his money back from the television at the store that it was bought from and purchased a new Samsung 42" television for larger price. This decision turned out to be much better for him and hopefully continues in the long-run. 

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