Thursday, November 29, 2012

Never Forever 21

This fall Forever 21 opened a new store in Greenwood Park Mall. There was a lot of hype when news came that the store would be opening. Forever 21 took up two existing spaces in the mall making the store to be one of the largest in the mall. Along with everyone else, I got excited for the new store and was counting down the days till it opened. Fresh new styles being brought to the Greenwood mall and I was more than ready to do some shopping.

The day came when the store opened and I walked in highly motivated to buy some clothes. I was in the store a good hour checking things out and browsing around. I had a few things in my hands when I came upon an outfit that I thought was really cute. I put together an outfit layering it with a shirt and sweater, when I noticed the sweater they had on the rack was not my size. So of course like a typical consumer, I looked on the mannequin and noticed that the sweater on the mannequin was my size. I proceeded to take it off when I was approached by  a store employee who asked me if  I needed help. I politely explained to her that I wanted the sweater off the mannequin because it was my size. She asked me to wait while she went and got a manager. I stood there puzzled wandering why she could not just take it down for me. A manager walked into the store from back and told me that store policy I could not take anything off the mannequins. I'm pretty sure I was standing there with the dumbest look on my face as I started to become an irate costumer. Here I am trying to shop and buy their product and they are telling me I cannot take the sweater that is my size off the mannequin.  Do they not care if they sell their clothes? I did not understand why they would not let me have it. Why put the smallest sizes on all the mannequins and leave a few out on the floor leaving a few sizes left to choose from? It just did not make sense to me. Any other store I have ever been into is more than willing to let me take whatever products I need off the mannequin if I do not see my size on the stores floor. I proceed to explain to the manger I thought it was completely stupid she would not sell me the product I wanted. I should not be begging to buy their clothes, shouldn't they be trying to sell me  their clothes? I set all my stuff down that was in my hand and walked out.

The situation sounds silly but as a consumer I think at some point stores should meet the consumers needs like they are suppose too. Since this incident I have told everyone I know how dissatisfied I was with Forever 21. I have spread negative word of mouth to my friends and even told friends who work in other stores in the mall. Employees of other stores agree that Forever 21's policy to leave all clothes on the mannequins will hurt sales. Forever 21 is a good store but with policies like that, as a consumer they made me feel like they did not care about me. They were not willing to give me what I wanted and it was over something so small, a sweater!

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