Friday, November 30, 2012

Early Christmas

          The iPhone is one of those items that can be seen anywhere. No matter what generation (3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, or 5) it may be, you commonly encounter one person a day who owns one. A lot of people have brand loyalty to Apple and simply swear by their products, while others just want to be part of the bandwagon. Well, I am an iPhone advocate, and even may admit to being a bit loyal to the brand with my iPods, iPhone, and MacBook Pro.

          Until a few days ago, I was a little behind the times, and still had the 3GS version of the constantly changing iPhone. However, with a screen that was popping out and a silent button that no longer worked, it was time to upgrade. My mom had hinted that she was planning on getting the 5 for me for Christmas, but since she had just dropped her 3GS and was forced to upgrade early because of an inoperable touch screen, she agreed to let Christmas come a little early. Since I was so loyal to Apple, was satisfied, and had a positive attitude toward my first iPhone, as well as my other Apple products, I used the simplifying strategy, choice tactics, to make my decision to upgrade to the 5 one that was low-effort and easy.

          I see now that I am an emotionally satisfied customer, and that Apple can add one more to their list of retained customers. I am a happy camper, and a very proud (yet humble :]) owner of the iPhone 5.

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